Chromatic Noise is a temporary improvisation project that has performed twice

at the Sound Exhibition in The Hague.

The first performance took place on February 19, 2022, featuring a lineup comprising Thijs Geritz on electronics, Rita Karpaty on electric bass, Ben Weiss Levi on saxophone, and Claudia Ignoto doing analog visuals.

For the second performance on September 17, 2022, the ensemble consisted solely of Thijs Geritz on electronics and Claudia Ignoto and her analog visuals.

Chromatic Noise I (February 2022)

EINZELGANGER + RED MAGNET (2020 - present)

Live improvisation consisting of relaxed drones by Thijs together with Léon Spek (Red Magnet). So far, only 2 performances have taken place in June and September 2020, but this collaboration will undoubtedly continue in the future.

Excerpt: Rehearsals (December 2020)

FREAZZP  (2016 - 2017)
For short period Thijs was part of the musical collective FREAZZP. The collective combined performers with diverse musical backgrounds. Their fusion of Jazz,

Hip Hop/Spoken Word, Electronica, and Funk Bluesrock creates a captivating

and innovative sound. With an original repertoire of compositions, they deliver energetic performances that push musical boundaries and leave a lasting impression.

The band consisted of (from left to right) Ben Weiss Levi (sax and founder of the collective), Daniël Yves Dudok (guitar), Wim Kegel (drums), Thijs Geritz (electronics),  Ruud Nannes (bass) , Rik Fennis (guitar) and Guus van der Steen

(rap, spokenwords, vocals).

There are some videos of FREAZZP available online, including this funny introduction clip.

Epidermis (2017)

SONIC ATOMIC (2004 - present)

Sonic Atomic is Thijs' fun project. It consists of simple, danceable electronic tunes with lots of "piews" and "pows," vocoders, digital voices, cheesy effects, and freely downloadable stock sounds. The bar is set low for this project; as long as Thijs enjoys it, it's approved.

Over the years, Sonic Atomic has also become the name for the little robot used

as album art for each track. This project doesn't go anywhere. It is destined to be forgotten. Although, there is a Soundcloud page.

Serious Reboot (2007)

TRAPPER / STARGAZER (2011 - 2021)

Trapper was a drone orchestra, an initiative by Jan Borchers. In its initial incarnation, Trapper consisted of Thijs, Wouter Blok, and Jan Borchers. Over the years, the group had a changing composition of 3 to 10 members. In its largest form, it was a combination of Trapper and Jan Borchers' other band Slyder, and they performed under the name Stargazer.

Thijs left the group in 2013 but returned once for the final concert in 2021 in memory of Jan Borchers, who passed away in 2020.

Live at Stork On Air (2011)

DE NACHT (1997 - 2006)

De nacht was a Dutch-language rock band founded by Jan-Willem Proper with a very diverse lineup over the years. Thijs played old-fashioned keyboards in this band. Although their repertoire consisted entirely of songs, the different band members tried to incorporate various influences from their personal tastes and backgrounds into the repertoire. As a result, De Nacht played funk, hard rock, symphonic rock, chansons, rock and roll, and Latin-infused songs.

Thijs left the band in 2006. The band continued, later also under other names,

and still exists to this day.

De Bodem (2003)

STATICLED (2005 – 2008)

StaticLED was a collaboration between Thijs and John Morris, who used the artist name Left Eye Dominant. John is an Englishman living in Rome. They met each other through the Korg Karma internet forum and decided to produce several tracks together. Initially, they communicated solely through email, but in February 2007, Thijs visited John in Rome to record a few improvised tracks.

During the 3 years that StaticLED existed, they produced 5 finished tracks and another six unfinished tracks. Since then, they haven't produced any more tracks, but the project was never officially ended. The few tracks that exist are diverse and offer a wide range of styles. They have been compiled on this SoundCloud page.

Obsulsive Compressive (2006)

Gläserner Mensch (2008)


In 1982, De Concertzender was founded as a true haven for music and its enthusiasts. With its 24/7 internet radio broadcasts, both live and on-demand,

De Concertzender offers a unique experience where music in all its facets can be listened to as intended, without boundaries between genres and styles. Whether you love classical, jazz, esoteric sounds, or avant-garde experiments.

Thijs has the privilege of curating a one-hour broadcast every two months for the program Electronic Frequencies. With his extensive library of electronic music and his eye for captivating themes, composers, and labels, Thijs creates a listening experience that takes you on a sonic journey of discovery.

You can listen to all of his programs on-demand via the De Concertzender website.

Episode 33 - Random beauty

Isao Tomita – Itokawa and Hayabusa.

Manna – Piano.

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Walker.

BT – All That Makes Us Human Continues.

AU – Recycling.

Ken Ishii – Endless Season.

Aphex Twin – Gawker2.

Mark van Hoen – Render the voice.

KERNEL PANIC (2011 – 2021)

Kernel Panic is a concert series curated by Thijs.

It brings together live acts with diverse and often juxtaposing styles in an effort to create an evening that's surprising and interesting to listen to; electronic and acoustic, from drones and soundscapes to bleeps, noise and sounds that are impossible to describe.

Both established and novice acts have played on these evenings that are attracting a growing audience of sound enthusiasts.

Officially, the series has never ended, and there may be a possibility in the future to create new editions again. Meanwhile, there is still the website with an extensive archive of all editions in the 10 years of Kernel Panic and a YouTube and Vimeo channel with snippets of some of the best concerts.

Spoelstra live at Kernel Panic #39


This was an "improvisation series and mentality platform for curators, performers, and audiences in Amsterdam" organized by Raoul van der Weide from 2009 to 2017. Supported by organizations such as STEIM and the Bimhuis.

An evening always consisted of three sets: an acoustic set, an electronic set,

and a set involving dance and movement. Performers would improvise together, having never performed together before.

Thijs had the opportunity to organize a set twice at the Dokzaal of Plantage Dok. The first time took place on October 26, 2016, featuring Ilya Ziblat Shay (Double Bass), Michel Banabila (Live electronics), Vilbjørg Broch (Vocals), and Thijs Geritz (Live electronics).

The second time took place on January 23, 2017, with Roel Meelkop (Gongs, Singing Bowls, and Electronics), Stephanie Pan (Vocals), Roberto Gareton (Guitar), and Thijs Geritz (Live electronics). Unfortunately, no recording was made of this last performance.

Instant Composing at the Dokzaal Amsterdam October 26th 2016

From left to right: Thijs Geritz, Ilya Ziblat Shay, Michel Banabila and Vilbjørg Broch