Mouches Volantes is a collaborative project between Thijs Geritz and Wouter Blok. Their first collaboration dates back to 2006.

The music

They have a hard time choosing a specific musical style, wavering between soothing drones, unsettling soundscapes, and energetic dance rhythms. Despite the challenge, they have blended all these elements together to create a unique sound that defies easy categorization, but which they hope will captivate listeners.

The project has been showcased at various events, such as the Gogbot Festival, Antilounge, Plein Open, Wonderwerp, and TodaysArt in the past.

Where to listen

Apart from the standard channels like Soundcloud and BandCamp, it is worth following them on where entire gigs and practice sessions are posted in full. There’s also an inactive podcast in iTunes.

Improvisatie 01 (November 7th, 2015)

Krakend drama (January 6th, 2013)

External links

Bitte verlassen Sie das Gebäude (20210)

5th LiveStream Concert (2016)

What to watch

Video has played a big role in Mouches Volantes' presentations since their inception. A wide array of videos is available online, encompassing music videos, live performances, and rehearsal sessions. During the early years, concerts were frequently accompanied by a custom-made VJ set. Notably, Mouches Volantes began live streaming concerts as early as 2010, with their first stream taking place from Thijs' kitchen.

It's worth noting that the collection of videos on YouTube differs significantly from that on Vimeo. Therefore, it is recommended to explore both channels to fully immerse yourself in their visual content.