Thijs Geritz, formerly a keyboardist responsible for the keys in various bands, has undergone a transformative journey in his musical pursuits. In recent years, his fascination has shifted towards exploring sound in its purest form, independent of any specific musical context.

About the music

Geritz's musical endeavors can be categorized into three distinct groups: instrumental songs, sound art, and applied music tailored for animations and plays, among other mediums.

But ultimately, Geritz's creations encompass a profound desire to convey narratives that unfold with a suspenseful arc. Each piece he produces aims to captivate the listener, weaving a story through the medium of sound.

Where to listen

Thijs offers a diverse range of music, with a majority of his tracks available for listening on Soundcloud.

However, for a unique experience, his Bandcamp profile presents an alternative selection of tunes that differ from those found on Soundcloud.


His podcast is a treasure trove of specially curated content, featuring both selected tracks and occasional exclusive material. You can access his podcast on popular platforms like iTunes and Spotify, ensuring convenient and widespread availability.

Kibō (2017)


Live @ Sound Exhibition (2022)

External links

Live at de Fuut (2017)

Embryo En Rose (music 2007/video 2012)