Thijs Geritz is a self-taught musician, radiomaker, and freelance illustrator, animator and infographic maker. This website showcases his audio projects, providing a glimpse into his diverse artistic endeavors.

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Delve into Thijs Geritz's solo project, where he blends various styles,

ranging from ambient soundscapes and sound collages to instrumental compositions. Additionally, you'll find a collection of soundtracks created

for animations and plays, showcasing his versatility and creativity.

Field Recording

What began as a simple desire to capture the sounds of his everyday surroundings has evolved into a online archive, filled with audio snapshots from all corners of the world. Immerse yourself in the auditory journey and experience the vast range of sounds he has meticulously collected.

Mouches Volantes (2006-2021)

Dive into the world of Mouches Volantes,

a collaborative project between Thijs Geritz and Wouter Blok. Prepare to be enveloped by dark drones, haunting soundscapes, and invigorating dance rhythms. This collaboration spans over a decade, showcasing the evolution of their artistic synergy.

Geritz / Kaffa (2013-2016)

Embark on a sonic adventure with the improvisational collaboration between Thijs Geritz and Stephan C. Kaffa. Their blend of guitar, loops, field recordings, and other sounds creates an immersive musical experience that is sure to captivate your senses.

Other Projects

In addition to these projects, Thijs Geritz has also embarked on various

other ventures, some of which may have been smaller in scale or shorter-lived. Take a moment to explore these endeavors that promise to captivate your curiosity.

With musical collaborators from left to right: Wouter Blok (Mouches Volantes), Thijs Geritz (Einzelganger), Léon Spek (Einzelganger + Red Magnet), and Stephan Kaffa (Geritz / Kaffa).